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Beaches of Nova Scotia

Discovering the secrets of some of the province's most beautiful beaches.

By Allan Billard and Donna Barnett

Published 2015 by Formac Publishing

Nova Scotia has a wealth of beautiful beaches, some well known, others hidden and treasured by those who know them. Beaches are incredibly rich in what they reveal about ecological processes and diversity.

This book highlights 27 of the province's beaches, drawn from every region. Some are well known -- Lawrencetown, Martinique, Melmerby, and Blomidon. Others are well worth knowing. The narrative text, enhanced by photographer Donna Barnett's striking images, focuses on a natural process each beach illustrates, including wetland evolution, formation of a barrier beach, salt ponds, and fish nurseries. The themes span a wide range of interests.

Nova Scotia Beaches will enhance the experience of visiting any beach, but it also showcases the uniqueness of each of the 27 featured in the collection.

This book draws the reader in and, in words and pictures, shows the astonishing and fascinating diversity of Nova Scotia's coastal landscape.

Waterfalls: Nova Scotia's Masterpieces

By Allan Billard with photographs by Donna Barnett

Published 2005 by Nimbus Publishing, second printing 2012 

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"Waterfalls have long been prized for their beauty and awesome power, and Nova Scotia holds some of the most charming falls in the country.  Hidden away in the province's forest and rocky land, they are small but dazzling natural treasures.  In Waterfalls, forty-two of Nova Scotia's loveliest falls are profiled.  Breathtaking images by acclaimed photographer Donna Barnett are paired with lyrical descriptions of the waterfalls by Allan Billard, transporting the reader to places they may not otherwise be able to go.  Included in the book are driving directions to the sites, as well as detailed descriptions of the access points and surrounding trails, so the adventurous reader can explore each waterfall in person."

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Halifax Regional Municipality

By Donna Barnett 

Published 2004 by Nimbus Publishing, second printing July 2013

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"In this stunning visual journey through one of Canada's most historic regions, rising photographic talent Donna Barnett has captured the rich heritage and exciting colours that make up this diverse area. From the salty waterfront bustle of Halifax Harbour and tree-lined streetscapes of Dartmouth, to the haunting beauty of Peggy's Cove; from the classic picture postcard fishing villages that dot the eastern shore, to the inland urban communities with historic roots. There are also the rural farmlands of the Musquodoboit Valley and the hills of Dean and Dutch Settlement, a completely different scene with every page. Donna Barnett presents a visual travelogue of the many areas that are now Halifax. Whether your interest is culture, business, or nature, you will delight in this wonderful collection of photos that reveals the new reality of Halifax - a growing region with a myriad of tales to tell."

River of Dreams: The Saga of the Shubenacadie Canal

By Donna Barnett

Published 2002 by Nimbus Publishing

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From Outdoor Nova Scotia:

"Donna Barnett guides us across each winding waterway, across the decades of proposals, revisions and dreams, and gives us deeper connection to the people who fostered this dream, whose ideas were forged in the wood and stone that lines the canal routes to this day.

It is a studied and thoroughly researched telling of the building of the canal, from the birth of an idea through the various manifestations and proposals that carried it forward.  Little pictorial documentation has survived to tell the story - no photographs or sketches remain that show the stone masons skillfully laying the first foundations or the barges that later graced the canal waters.  Barnett instead has relied on archival information, piecing together the story from the minutes of the many meetings of stakeholders and from the letters and correspondences of the engineers, detailing the proposed locks. 

Barnett's skill with the pen is matched with her accomplishments as a photographer.  Close ups of the remnants of the canal construction coupled with scenic shots of the route fill the pages with vibrant colour.  The book is a fine achievement of outdoor and nature photography interspersed with aesthetically presented architectural plans, surveys and maps. 

Barnett's photographs display the emerging pastels of sunrise along the river, an unusual glimpse of running shad in the shallow mud flats and the multi- coloured fall palette gracing the route.  With River of Dreams Barnett has vividly captured and retold a vibrant part of our Nova Scotian history.  It is a book worth reading and rereading and one whose images evoked in pen and captured with a camera will colour our recollections."

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